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Real Life Heist  by  Mark Anthony Given

Real Life Heist by Mark Anthony Given
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The true story of a one man Crime Wave and multi-state, 75 banks and $2 Million Split Deposit Bank fraud, drug store burglaries, professional Blackjack player, and Doing Time to kickin dope in New Orleans, all undertaken by a Real Life Hustler with outright barazen balls. Where Elmore Leonard meets Tennessee Williams an original American life to remember.I GET BACK TO THE PHARMACY and it was a little better lighted so I was ducking down, pulling open all the drawers until I found one locked, Bingo, right where the pharmacist stands all day a big 12” deep by 33x18 all fire resistant aluminum.

Didn’t happen to have a pry bar or a cheater pipe, so I just started pulling on that sum bitch and before I took to all my strength, the levee broke and Payyoh! pills were flying everywhere. Holy Shit! The fucking mother lode: 12 bottles of 4 mg.

Dilaudid, 10 bottles of 100 mg. of Demerol, Tuinal, Seconal, Percodan, Percoset, you fuck’n name it. Four Hunfred Qualuudes! There was so much Schedule II stuff there I couldn’t tie the top of my Superman suitcase. Damn, I better pick up a little Tussionex Suspension cough syrup off the back shelf for this itchy throat.

Grabbed two quart bottles and stopped by the cash register. Nothing in the draws, I look all over all over the place, nothing. I give the back door a quick scan and seen the alarms and slide bolts. I wanted to just run right out of there the hell with the alarms, but I didn’t.I JOG UP TO THE FRONT of the store dragging the load, seeing Highway 90 across the massive empty parking lot and a bust McDonalds across the street.

I get up to the front register- it too is pulled open with the drawers empty. I bend down to tie my bag to the rope just as a black and white City of Ocean Springs Police Department on routine patrol shining his light into the stores. Fuck me, I look over to my left and there’s that rope hanging right there next to the giant ladder, but they kept going and I sat there rumbling thru the bag for a handful of something if I got caught red handed and seen them pull into traffic a few minutes later.

I wanted to get on that rope and the hell out of there but seeing that cop go by told me I had another hour, slow down. There is no sweeter feeling than be in the middle of a real life heist and seeing the cops go by….

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